Just Do What Connie Jo Would Do

Mom, it’s been a few months now
Since you’ve been gone;
To you it seems like yesterday
But back here time keeps marching on.

The wheat pasture is green now—
There’ll be cattle grazing soon;
I remember how you loved to look at them
Through the window in your room.

You said it reminded you of Psalm 23–
About how God is faithful to provide;
You could always teach a lesson
using everyday things
Because you lived it deep inside.

Julie fixed up the house so great
But there’s still reminders of you all around;
In the evening we sit on the front porch
And admire the beauty of the Panhandle ‘til the sun goes down.

You once said to me in those last days,
“I’m sorry I’m leaving you with a mess;”
I told you then as I tell you now,
“Because of you we are happy and blessed.”

So many have called and wondered
If Texas Plum Line will go on now that you’re gone;
I can’t tell you how many have recounted
How you blessed them through that little business you started in your country home.

I know you endured hardship
To keep Texas Plum Line going all those years;
You put your heart and soul into it
Not to mention your blood and sweat and tears.

And there were many angels
That God sent along your way—
Wonderful, faithful alongsiders
Who stood by you, helped you, and were faithful to watch and pray.

So we started anew and changed the name—
Miss Connie’s Texas Plum Line
Is what we call it nowadays;
We’ll do our best to continue the ministry you lived
In every order we fill and every basket that is made.

The legacy you left won’t pass away,Mom,
And I pray that all we encounter will understand
That God is faithful in all things
And that they feel the healing touch of the Master’s hand.

We miss you very much
And everyone down here sends their best;
I’m glad you’re in the presence of the Lord
And that you’ve entered into Heaven’s rest.

I guess I’ll close now
Though I don’t want to
‘Cause there’s much more to say;
I just want to thank you for the life you lived
And the many prayers that you prayed.

As we start this new chapter with Miss Connie’s Texas Plum Line
We’ll all be thinking of you;
If we get lost or don’t know where to turn
We’ll just Do What Connie Jo Would Do.

Your loving Son and Daughter in the Lord
Clay and Julie

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